Stratiform Business Solutions: Leading the Way in Business Innovation

When various departments work together within an organization, it is easy to provide a holistic understanding of the customer. Salesforce CRM has plenty of features and benefits if implemented wisely. This helps businesses to be relevant in the market race by reaching out to customers with very well knowledge of their requirements. The salesforce provides Flexibility, it is Easy to Manage, comes with Integration features that allow the customer to integrate it with other similar platforms that increase its credibility and application features and it provides Standard API links. Salesforce ecosystem is huge and it delivers endless benefits to its customers.

In these global epidemic times, while businesses are struggling to run their processes remotely, the adoption of Salesforce can smoothify their workflow and become a key to unstoppable business growth. In the same context, giving an end to the continuous quest of businesses for a trustworthy and reliable Salesforce partner, Stratiform Business Solutions is offering a plethora of comprehensive Salesforce solutions.

In a conversation with Mr. Mark Wheeler, Founder, and Director at Stratiform Business Solutions, he shared Stratiform’s journey from nowhere to becoming one of The Most Recommended Salesforce Solution Providers across the globe and what they offer to their customers.

Tell us about Stratiform Business Solutions:

Stratiform Business Solutions, established in 2017, is founded on trust and best practices. Our founder, Mark Wheeler, has Salesforce experience that dates back to 2008 but working with CRMs since the ’90s. “Our number one goal is to improve our clients’ business”, Mark suggests. “While implementing any system, we need to understand the current processes of our client. A byproduct usually includes process improvement or sometimes identification. Having a clear, easy process allows for enhancement of the user experience to allow better engagement, a clear view of the sales pipeline, also able to see the touchpoints of the customer.”

We don’t compete for market share. We stand by our core values.

Tell us about your team. What makes Stratiform unique?

The team at Stratiform Business Solutions thrives on the outcome of the implementation of the “Go Live”. From the user’s experience with using the CRM day to day to the CEO viewing their dashboard, nothing beats the “eyes lighting up” moment when you make someone’s job easier.

What makes Stratiform Business Solutions unique is the business background. Stratiform Business Solutions has a practical in-depth comprehension of pragmatic business practice.

  • An understanding of sales – a clear view of the pipeline gives the CEO the information needed to make business decisions for the future of the company.
  • Operations – the day-to-day running of a business has demands and challenges that affect both instant cash flow and future revenue.
  • Marketing –
  • Do we send too many emails? Surveys?
  • What’s drip marketing, and when do we drip?
  • Understanding the ownership side of the business –
  • Are my customers being looked after?
  • A clear view of revenue streams, pipeline, customer growth

What are the solutions Stratiform Business Solutions focuses on?

Stratiform Business Solutions offers:

  • Salesforce Implementation: The most important partnership you will have is your implementation partner. We understand that most Salesforce implementations fail, and the customer is left with a useless CRM and upset users. So we work closely with our client to make sure we are building a system that will enhance your processes, allow for easy reporting, increased visibility of your staff’s interactions with the customer, all while not adding to the staff’s workload.
  • Off-Site Salesforce Administrator: A very popular service we provide is the “Off-Site Admin”. A Salesforce administrator added to your staff is an $80k addition to your business. We off the Off-Site Admin service starting at a 1/4 of that cost based on your unique needs.
  • Integration/Development: Adding to the functionality of your CRM by integrating other systems can add value and enhance your system. Just a few popular integrations are Xero, GeoPoint, Conga, PandaDocs, SMS Magic, NewVoice Media. Many of these are offered on the Salesforce app exchange, or we can develop custom solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Salesforce Training: Although Salesforce has thousands of In-App learning tools, we find face to face in your existing CRM, and data will increase your user engagement.
  • Consulting: Just having someone to discuss future Sales, Marketing, Logistical and Operational goals with will keep your systems in front of mind when making big decisions about the business.
  • Custom Solutions: Whether a custom App, Website, Client Portal or other solution needed, we can build a solution

It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success
– Ellen DeGeneres

Know the leader

Mark Wheeler, founder, and director at Stratiform Business Solutions has been a business owner/operator on and off since the age of 21. Mark and his father started Happy Camper RV Center in 1988. He was running a successful Motorhome rental company that morphed over ten years to be a full-fledged RV Dealership, including rentals, service, and storage, and becoming the exclusive West Coast dealer of Toyota Bandit Motorhomes.

Keeping in the recreation industry, Mark took managing roles for 2 of Southern California’s largest Boat Dealers until purchasing a Jet Ski rental business in the early 2000s. The GFC wiped out the entire recreation industry, so rolling with the climate change, Mr. Wheeler changed roles and industries, taking on a technical position and focusing his knowledge of business to align systems and businesses.