Salesforce System Health Check

Stratiform offers a Salesforce health check service, where we analyse your Salesforce org to ensure it still aligns with your business, your users and your processes.

To get the most out of the health check we come to you on-site to workshop and review your processes. We will develop a strategy that outlines your goals and system improvements.

If you would like to leverage the Salesforce platform to the best of its ability, a health check could be what you need.

The most important question a few months after implementation is “Is Salesforce meeting the needs of the business?” You would be surprised by how many time the answer is “No”. The issue isn’t the CRM the issue usually a change in business process, management changes or business growth. With these in mind we perform a Salesforce health check. The health check isn’t just about the configuration, fields, and triggers, we meet with the executives, management and staff to discuss the engagement of the CRM. From login to Dashboards we see how the business is feeling about how the CRM is meeting their needs.

We do this by analysing:

  • Data Quality

  • Data Completion

  • Adoption Rate

  • Usage Statistics

Using a survey, we gather information regarding your system. We analyse the various inputs and identify the gaps between the business process and process supported by sales process. Based on the analysis we provide optimization plan to the management team.

The plan will include actions like:

  • Make some simple configuration changes
  • Add an App from the App Exchange
  • Enable Chatter
  • Executive training
  • End user training
  • Data needs to be cleaned
  • Integration with other systems
  • Define new KPI’s and build Dashboards and reports
  • Fixing existing defects are issues

We work with your management team to closely highlight our findings and formulate feature backlog that can be developed and delivered iteratively your business.

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Sales Engagement BOOST

Help your sales team appreciate the importance of using the CRM along with a better understanding of the data they are required to input. The sales team have a different responsibility while using Salesforce. Focusing a training session that highlights their position, using their data, their opportunities allows us to show the team what not managing their opportunities has on the pipeline, and forecasting.

Taking the time to show the benefits of the CRM and the effect they have on the system gives a much-needed BOOST to your CRM

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Engagement BOOST

This package is usually best after a few tweaks have been made to your CRM or functionality has been added:

  • Quoting – Conga Composure
  • Proposals – Panda Docs
  • Surveys – GetFeedback
  • SMS – SMS Magic
  • Mapping – GeoPoint
  • Case functionality
  • Assets

Through this process we would have become familiar with your business and timing is right to re-train your users and BOOST engagement in the CRM. Focusing on issues the users were having and areas that slow the processes we can increase engagement along with training on the added functionality.

Face-to-Face Training

New Implementation Training Package
After we have implemented your Salesforce a Face-to-Face training session with your users in the live environment with real data will help the users engage quickly with the system, help kickstart their NEW routine in your Salesforce environment and start the path to using the CRM the way the business wants it to be used.

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Custom Training Package

Based entirely on your needs, your system and your process flows, we create a training session that is based on each division’s daily process. Walking the users through each step in the live system to ensure the new CRM is the highlight of the training. Being face to face with the users is important, if possible we recommend all users have a face to face session.