From Spreadsheets to SalesForce, we help our customers move to a system that allows clear view of Pipeline, Forcasting data in real-time.

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Why Stratiform Business Solutions

What is it Stratiform, a Salesforce Partner, can do that all other implementation partners can’t?

Engage! “With our no-nonsense, straightforward implementation process, we personalise the experience for our customers”

Best Practise! “We build the CRM using Best Practise and standard configuration while keeping in mind the business will be maintaining Salesforce going forward. If we over complicate things, the client spends unnecessary money on initial development and updating code, rather than on going investment in business growth, sales alignment and best practise”

A good difference. The average Salesforce consultancy seems to thrive on cookie cutter implementations, forcing their clients into a box or blowing out the price to exorbitant levels and costing the business thousands of unnecessary dollars. Stratiform believes in keeping it simple, allowing for organic growth within the platform.

Partnerships. Stratiform’s strong partnerships and years of experience in Salesforce CRM give a unique perspective on how to best help their customers. Our straight forward rule of thumb; Be honest with the customer, treat the customer with respect and work with likeminded companies has helped us become a valued Salesforce Partner and named “APAC CIO Outlook Magazine Top 10 Salesforce consulting/Service companies 2018”.

Just a few companies our staff have worked with

  • Energy Power Systems Australia (CAT)

  • Aus Asia Finance Hub (AAFH)

  • Steinert Australia

  • Criterion Industries

  • Instacare

  • Dragoman

  • Amaze

  • MultiSkills Training

  • Seasons Apartment Hotel Group

  • Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA)

  • Wheelton Investments

  • Clevertronics

  • ClearGuard

  • AOpen

  • Techniplast

  • Gedeon Richter

  • Melbourne Legacy

  • People Medical

  • Family Life

  • MC Jacobs

  • Budget Rent A Car

  • Shotton Lifts

  • Iron Capital

  • Eastern Volunteers

  • 360 MMS

  • Doncaster Basketball Club

  • Assemble

  • Vigilum

  • Numerisk